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Ferret Brain Gyrification

This video shows a registration between two ferret brains at 8 and 16 weeks after birth. Data courtesy of R. Toro and the brain catalogue.

Shape Statistics

The following video shows the deformation, which best separates anatomical configuration of Down Syndrome subjects compared to control cases. Anatomical configurations consist of the outer surface of the putamen (orange), amygdala (cyan) and hippocampus (green) extracted from brain MRIs of 8 Down Syndrome subjects and 8 control cases. Data courtesy of J. Korenberg and G. Gerig.

Humans to Australopithecus africanus

The following video shows the deformation of an atlas of extant human endocasts to the endocast of Australopithecus africanus. Video provided by J. Dumoncel and J. Braga.

White matter fiber tracts registration

The following video shows the registration between the white matter fiber tracts connecting the putamen to the cortex in the left hemisphere of two subjects.



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