Release Notes:

This is the first release of Deformetrica to the scientific community. It includes three applications:

  • shape registration between pairs of anatomical configurations
  • atlas construction from series of anatomical configurations
  • deformation of any shape in the ambient space using a previously computed deformation

Anatomical configurations could be made of:

  • landmark points (points that are in correspondence in every configuration)
  • point clouds (seen as point distributions, individual points do not need to be put into correspondence)
  • oriented polygonal lines (seen as 1D-currents, orientation of segments is taken into account)
  • non-oriented polygonal lines (seen as 1D-varifolds)
  • oriented surface mesh (seen as 2D-currents, orientation of triangles is taken into account)
  • non-oriented surface mesh (seen as 2D-varifolds)

or any mix of them.


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Source code:

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