If you use the software in your publications, please cite it as:

The results of this research have been obtained using the Deformetrica software [Durrleman et al. 2014].

[Durrleman et al. 2014] – bibtex entryendnote entry

Related Publications:

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  • E. Bron et al, Standardized evaluation of algorithms for computer-aided diagnosis of dementia based on structural MRI: the CADDementia challenge, Neuroimage, 2015 (in press) link
  • A. B. G. Fouquier, S. Durrleman, J. Yelnik, S. Fernandez-Vidal, E. Bardinet, Iconic-Geometric Nonlinear Registration of a Basal Ganglia Atlas for Deep Brain Stimulation Planning, In Proc. of MICCAI Workshop on Deep Brain Stimulation Methodological Challenges (DBSMC’14), 2014, pdf
  • A. Routier, P. Gori, A. B. Graciano Fouquier, S. Lecomte, O. Colliot, S. Durrleman, Evaluation of morphometric descriptors of deep brain structures for the automatic classification of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment and elderly controls, In MICCAI challenge on Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Dementia based on structural MRI data (CADDementia), 2014, pdf

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