Deformetrica is back on line!

Hi folks,

Deformetrica is back on line! It has been down for nearly two weeks because of an attack of our hosting platform at CNRS by hackers. We apologize for this inconvenience and warmly thank our technicians who work hard to make the platform back on service.

CADDementia results out!

CADDementia results have been released last week during MICCAI 2014 conference in Boston. Deformetrica was among the 5 teams selected for an oral presentation. We approached the challenge by using the new types of multivariate markers of brain atrophy that Deformetrica provided, while most of our competitors used more standard descriptors in various statistical settings. Eventually, Deformetrica is ranked 21 among 29 algorithms, with an accuracy of 49%, best being 63% in a 3 classes classification tasks (Alzheimer’s Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairments and Cognitively Normals). It is not too bad for such an “out-of-box” evaluation of Deformetrica with simple statistics. Cross-validation for setting the thresholds should have help surely (but we didn’t have time…) It is clear also that Deformetrica was among the very few methods to find discriminative features which could be interpreted…


Deformetrica@MICCAI 2014!

Deformetrica takes part in the MICCAI 2014 CADementia challenge ( We built atlases of deep brain structures for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairments and control subjects, and make a multi-class classifier with deformation parameters. We made predictions on 300+ cases: results will be displayed on September 18 at Boston. Keep fingers crossed!!